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April 7, 2019 Update | Roger C. Marquardt & Co., Inc.

April 7, 2019 Update

Governor’s Highlights
Governor Pritzker signed HB531 from the 100th General Assembly which creates parole review for young offenders with lengthy sentences. Under new law, the state will be allowed to grant discretionary parole. (The practice was previously abolished in 1978.)
The IEPA launched an online tool to assist residents in identifying the number of lead service lines within their community water systems. Allows residents to search for their water system and download a report detailing types of materials that make up local water distribution system.
The IEPA and Illinois Finance Authority completed bond pricing of the IEPA State Revolving Fund revenue bonds. This is first “Green Bond” deal for Illinois. Proceeds from bond sales will be combined with federal funds and past loan repayments to provide a revenue stream to support large and small community infrastructure needs throughout Illinois.Shortly after being appointed to the position on March 19, Illinois Department of Employment Security’s director Gustavo Giraldo has resigned. No replacement named yet.
The Governor appointed the following members to various state boards and commissions:

  • Carrie Zalewski, commissioner of Illinois Commerce Commission
  • Nancy Zettler, judge on Illinois Court of Claims
  • Bob Sprague, judge on the Illinois Court of Claims
  • Jay Rowell to the Illinois Employment Security Board of Review
  • Michael Goetz will continue on board of Illinois Finance Authority
  • Terrence O’Brien will continue on board of Illinois Finance Authority
  • Jeffrey Wright to board of llinois Finance Authority
  • Ruben Ramirez, Jr. to the Illinois Gaming Board
  • John Cronin to Illinois Labor Relations Board
  • Kendra Cunningham to Illinois Labor Relations Board
  • Jose Gudino to Illinois Labor Relations Board
  • William Lowry, Jr. to Illinois Labor Relations Board
  • Salvador Diaz will continue on Illinois Prisoner Review Board
  • Aurthur Mae Perkins will continue on Illinois Prisoner Review Board
  • Joseph Ruggiero will continue on Illinois Prisoner Review Board
  • Gisela Attlan to Illinois State Board of Investments 
  • Ron Powell to Illinois State Board of Investments
  • Michael Tarnoff to Illinois State Board of Investments
  • Jaye Williams to Illinois State Board of Investments
  • Don Villar to board of directors of Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority
  • Sherman Wright to board of directors of Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority
  • Richard Figueroa to State Universities Retirement System Board of Trustees
  • Jamie-Clare Flaherty to State Universities Retirement System Board Of Trustees
  • John Lyons to State Universities Retirement System Board Of Trustees

FY 20 Budget News
Two teacher unions – Illinois Federation of Teachers (IFT) and Illinois Education Association (IEA) – stated formal opposition to Pritzker’s proposed “underfunding” of the pension systems. From their statement: “While we support many of the concepts in the Governor’s proposal, like the sale of pension obligation bonds and re-amortization of the unfunded liability, we would urge that those concepts be implemented in a way that doesn’t fall short of the FY20 required payment.”
The Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability presented legislators with their “unofficial” analysis of the Governor’s graduated income tax plan. COGFA estimates that the Governor’s plan would net $3.31 billion – about $69 million less than the Governor’s projections of $3.4 billion. Analysis is based on interpretation of the proposed plan and not actual legislation meaning that the analysis and estimate could change as the plan is finalized.
The House this week returned to what Leader Greg Harris referred to as the “normal budget making process,” which entails a bipartisan line-by line review of each state agency by the House Appropriations, Revenue and Pension committees.
Attorney General Highlights
Attorney General Kwame Raoul, along with a coalition of six attorneys general, filed a lawsuit against the federal government for illegally weakening key federal nutritional standards for breakfasts and lunches served to nearly 30 million school children in the United States. The group contends the Department of Agriculture’s rollback of sodium limits and whole grain requirements for school meals lacks legally-mandated scientific basis, and, in further violation of law, was adopted without public notice and opportunity to comment.
 101st General Assembly Highlights Both chambers of the Illinois General Assembly were in session this week considering legislation for final passage.A shell bill to legalize recreational cannabis, SB7 (Steans), advanced out of a Senate committee. No substantive details at this time. The sponsor promised to bring the bill back to committee when plan is finalized.
HB3394 (Welch) passed the House. Requires publicly held companies headquartered in Illinois to have at least one woman and at least one African-American on its corporate boards starting in 2021. The bill now heads to Senate.Bottom of Form
Scott’s Law in Illinois requires drivers to move over or slow down for emergency vehicles with flashing lights on the shoulder of the road. Following a recent increase in accidents as a result of Scott’s Law violations, Rep. Cabello filed an amendment this week (HB1875) to increase violations resulting in an accident to a class 3 felony and a mandatory 5-year license suspension. A violation resulting in a death would increase to a Class 2 felony and permanent revocation of a driver’s license. A simple violation would increase to a Class 4 felony. The Amendment has been assigned to a House committee for consideration.
The Collective Bargaining Freedom Act, SB1474(Villivalam/Yednock), passed House by a vote of 101-8-0. Bill now heads to Governor’s desk.
HB2988 (Williams/Cunningham) passed the Illinois Senate, now heads to Governor’s desk. Clarifies that only a county may establish standards for wind farms outside the 1.5-mile radius surrounding the zoning jurisdiction of a municipality.
SB1482 (McCombie) overwhelmingly passed the House. Increases penalties for persons who batter a DCFS or Adult Protective Services worker performing his or her official duties. Under the bill, DCFS and Department of Aging workers will have the same protections as teachers, police officers, fireman and other first responders. Bill now heads to Senate.
Legislation to create an elected Chicago School Board, HB2267 (Martwick), overwhelming passed the House, 110-2. Elections will take place in 2023 and 2027. If enacted, this would be the first time Chicago has an elected school board.
HB348 (McSweeny), which allows townships in McHenry County to consolidate, passed the House 62-33-5.
The Illinois Senate approved SB2023 (Hutchinson) which prohibits penalizing financial institutions who provide financial services to a legitimate cannabis related business. Bill now heads to House.
The Illinois House approved legislation, HB3550 (Williams), that requires sex education course material and instruction in grades 6 through 12 to include an age-appropriate discussion on the meaning of consent. Bill now heads to Senate.
Coming Up
The deadline to file floor amendments to Senate bills in the Senate was Friday, April 5at 3 p.m. The deadline to file floor amendments to House bills in the House is Tuesday, April 9 at close of business.
Both chambers return to session on Tuesday, April 9. Deadline to pass substantive legislation out of the first chamber is April 12. Following that deadline, both chambers will take a two-week spring break. Key Session DatesApril 12- DEADLINE for third reading of Substantive Senate Bills and Substantive House Bills.May 10- DEADLINE for Substantive Bills out of Committee in 2nd chamber.May 24- DEADLINE for third reading of Substantive Bills in 2nd chamber.May 31- ADJOURNMENT.