August 23, 2019 Update

Governor’s Highlights:
Recently signed legislation:

  • SB1332 (Castro/Meyers-Martin) Expands access to banking services through a new Illinois Bank On Initiative in the state comptroller’s office. The Illinois Bank On Initiative will certify financial service providers that use consumer-friendly practices
  • HB822 (Halpin/Anderson) Allows schools across the state to store an undesignated supply of glucagon to treat students with diabetes.
  • HB2301 (Meyers-Martin/Manar) Increases union representation on state boards and commissions.
  • HB2438 (Flowers/Collins) Requires insurers to offer a maternal mental health program.
  • SB158 (McGuire/Walsh) Provides the Tollway with the authority to enter into an agreement with a private contractor for a private bridge, and allows a private operator to enter into an agreement with the Tollway to provide electronic toll collection or toll violation enforcement services.
  • SB102 (Sandoval/Rita) Allows the Secretary of State to authorize the issuance of a digital registration plate to a vehicle in lieu of a set of static, metal registration plates.
  • SB1290 (Castro/Mah) Immigrant Tenant Protection Act which enacts new protections for immigrants who rent property.
  • HB252 (Guzzardi/Castro) Expands the Illinois Human Rights Act to protect employees against discrimination in the workplace, no matter the size of the employer.

Saying that schools are already equipped with tools to discipline students, Pritzker vetoed SB2124 (Rose/Caulkins) which would have required schools to automatically expel students who bring a BB gun or paint ball gun, or other similar device, to school or a school sponsored activity. SB 2124 returns to the legislature where the sponsors can decide to override the veto or let the bill die. The legislation is in response to an incident in the Mt. Zion school district.
Gov. Pritzker issued two Executive Orders. EO 19-13 renames and reorganizes Illinois State Police (formerly the Department of State Police). The Division of Operations will be split into the Division of Patrol and the Division of Criminal Investigation; the Illinois State Police Academy will be renamed the Division of the Academy and Training. Each division will have as its administrative head a Deputy Director named by the Director. Transitions should be completed within 60 days.
EO 19-14 establishes the Governor’s Task Force on Forensic Science to identify and analyze the issues and challenges facing Illinois’ publicly funded crime laboratories and report on strategies to overcome challenges facing the laboratories, ensure effective oversight of the laboratories, maximize the use of forensic technologies to solve crimes and protect the public, and identify potential scientific breakthroughs and new technologies. Findings and recommendations are due by June 1, 2020.
Gov. Pritzker made the following appointments:

  • Bernard Jakes will serve on the Chicago Transit Board.
  • Michael Negron will serve as the Assistant Director of Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.
  • Peter Hofmann will serve on the Illinois Medical Disciplinary Board.
  • David Miller will serve on the Board of Trustees of the Teachers’ Retirement System.
  • Teresa Bartels will continue to serve on the Illinois Executive Ethics Commission.
  • Patricia Yadgir will serve on the Illinois Executive Ethics Commission.

Illinois State Police have filed proposed rules for the Illinois Gun Dealer License Certification Act. The law, signed earlier in the year by Gov. Pritzker, requires federally licensed gun dealers in Illinois to also be certified by the state. The new law took effect last month, but the rules to implement the law were not yet filed. The Illinois State Rifle Association filed a lawsuit over the delays. The Attorney General has filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit.
101st General Assembly:
Legislation was filed this week to limit an insured’s out of pocket insulin cost to $100/30 day supply, HB3869 (Villa). The bill also requires the Attorney General to investigate the pricing of prescription insulin to ensure adequate consumer protections for Illinois consumers and to determine whether additional consumer protections are necessary. Requires the Attorney General to make the findings available to the public and to report to the Governor, the Department of Insurance, and the Judiciary Committees of the Senate and the House of Representatives. Provides for the repeal of the Attorney General’s investigative duties on December 31, 2020. The bill heads to the House Rules Committee.
Also filed this week, HB3872 (Hurley,) which prohibits a spouse of a member of the General Assembly from being appointed to a board, commission, authority, task force, etc which is created by State law if the appointment offers compensation for service as a member of that body. The legislation applies only to prospective appointments. HB 3872 will be assigned to the House Rules Committee.
Senator Bertino-Tarrant will not seek re-election in 2020 and instead will run for Will County Executive.
The House Appropriations-Human Services and Adoption and Child Welfare Committees will hold a joint subject matter hearing on September 10th at 10:00 AM in the Bilandic building in Chicago to discuss the DCFS FY 20 Budget – Goals and Benchmarks.