December 15, 2017 Update

By way of a brief update – Governor Rauner signed legislation this week to require licensed prescribers to register with and use the Illinois Prescription Monitoring Program, a database that records patient prescription histories.  The legislation is designed to make it harder for patients to “doctor shop” for opioid prescriptions.
Governor Rauner’s Cabinet on Children and Youth announced it is now using a new database dashboard that is designed to help policymakers and the public make better-informed decisions about the health safety, education and work readiness for Illinoisans under the age of 25. The Illinois Department of Innovation and Technology created the dashboard to advance the aims of cabinet member agencies, including the Governor’s Office of Early Childhood Development and the departments of Public Health and Commerce and Economic Opportunity.  The new dashboard will track data in four categories – education, self-sufficiency, safety and health.  Education data points will include post-secondary retention rates and reading levels. Self-sufficiency measures include education attainment levels, median earnings for youth at 25 and student debt default rates. The safety data will track the percentage of youth living in “safe” neighborhoods, rates of domestic violence, incarceration and recidivism rates among other subjects.
The Illinois Department of Revenue is calling on the General Assembly to enact legislation to ensure compliance with Federal Aviation Administration regulations requiring that all revenue from State and local taxes on aviation fuel be spent on airports or airport systems. The General Assembly has been unable to agree on legislation that would either exempt aviation fuel from the affected taxes, or create a system to track tax revenue generated from aviation fuel sales for spending on airports.  According to the Department, failure to comply could cost the state as much as $129 million in federal sanctions in 2018 alone, and make the state ineligible for more than $67 million in federal assistance block grants under the Airport Improvement Program (AIP). While the deadline for compliance has passed, revenue officials hope Illinois can avoid sanctions if the legislature passes legislation to bring the State into compliance as soon as possible.  In the meantime, IDOR has created a new tax form specifically for aviation fuel sales so that the State can begin tracking this revenue.

Upcoming House Hearingsm

10:00 AM
Appropriations-Human Services Committee
C-600, 6th Floor Michael A. Bilandic Building – Chicago, IL
SUBJECT MATTER: Expenditures and Obligations of the Medicaid MCO Contracts.
10:00 AM
Transportation: Regulation, Roads & Bridges Committee
C-600, 6th Floor Michael A. Bilandic Building – Chicago, IL
SUBJECT MATTER: Cost of Maintaining Existing Infrastructure
11:00 AM
Mental Health Committee
C-600, 6th Floor Michael A. Bilandic Building – Chicago, IL
SUBJECT MATTER: Addiction Parity