January 23, 2018 Update

As I am sure you are aware, the Illinois House canceled session for this week.  Both chambers will reconvene on Tuesday, January 30th.  The Governor will deliver the final State of the State Address of his first term on January 31st. The bill drafting deadline for both chambers is February 2nd.  The deadline to file substantive legislation in both chambers is February 16th. A handful of House committees will conduct subject matter hearings next week; however, no legislation is scheduled for committee hearings next week in the House.
Representative Olsen filed legislation (HB4269) last week to require that a proof of purchase receipt issued by a retailer for motor fuel shall contain the pre-tax sale price of a gallon of motor fuel in addition to an itemized publication of any local, State, or federal tax imposed on the motor fuel. The bill is assigned to the House Rules Committee.
Representative McSweeny filed legislation, HB4242, which requires a unit of local government, school district, community college district, or other local taxing body to provide notice to the public if the unit of local government enters into a severance agreement with an employee or contractor accused of sexual harassment or sexual discrimination. The bill has been assigned to the House Rules Committee.
Last week a Cook County judge ordered the Illinois Department of Public Health to add “rejected intractable pain”, defined as pain that is resistant to treatment, as a qualifying condition for the medical marijuana program. The Department plans to appeal the ruling. The addition of the new qualifying condition is on hold pending the appeal.


2018 Key Session Dates:
January 31: Governor’s State of the State Address
February 2:  LRB Deadline, both chambers
February 14: Governor’s Budget Address
February 16:  Bill Introduction Deadline, both chambers
March 20: Primary Election
April 13:  Committee Deadline, both chambers
April 27: Third Reading Deadline for bills in first chamber, both chambers
May 11:  Senate Committee Deadline, House Bills
May 18: House Committee Deadline, Senate Bills
May 25: Third Reading Deadline for bills in second chamber, both chambers
May 31:   Adjournment