June 29, 2019 Update

Governor Pritzker signed the capital bill package today during a state-wide fly around. The package of bills includes:

  • HB 142 (West/Manar) creates the $45 Billion Rebuild Illinois Capital Program, which contains $22.577 billion in G.O. and Build Illinois Bond authorization to support a $45 billion capital program and pay-as-you-go portions of the appropriations bill. It also includes $1.2 in bond authorization to pay down the backlog of bills.
  • HB 62 (Harris/Cullerton) contains the vertical capital spending plan. $20.6 billion in bonding, leverages $10 billion in federal funding, remaining is pay-as-you go. Funds will be distributed as follows: $3.5 billion for education projects; $4.3 billion for state facilities, including deferred maintenance; $1.2 billion for environment and conservation projects; $420 million for broad band; $465 million for healthcare and human services, and $1.9 billion for economic and community development.
  • SB 690 (Link/Zalewski) contains the enacting legislation to create the necessary revenue streams to support vertical capital. Revenue will be generated from a $1 increase in the cigarette tax, a new parking tax, caps to the motor vehicle trade-in sales tax credit, and enforcing the online sales tax.   The bill also creates gaming expansion (additional casinos, racing positions, and VGT terminals) and legalizes sports betting. The revenue generated from the gaming expansions will also be used to support vertical capital.
  • SB 1939 (McGuire/Hoffman) Revenue for horizontal projects – roads, bridges,
    transit and trains. Represents $13 B in transportation revenue over the life of the program. Funds will be generated from: doubling the motor fuel tax and linking it to CPI; increasing vehicle and electric vehicle registration fees; increasing title fees; increasing truck registrations and adding a 5-cent increase for diesel fuel.

The Governor’s office provided a detailed summary of the legislative package here.Illinois is now officially the 11th state in the nation to legalize recreational marijuana for adult use. Governor Pritzker signed HB1438 (Cassidy/Steans) on Tuesday. A summary of the legislation is here.Governor JB Pritzker signed two pieces of bipartisan legislation to impose limits on ethylene oxide emissions from ethylene oxide sterilization facilities and other companies that use ethylene oxide.  The bills, SB1852 (Curran/Durkin) and SB1854 (Bush/Mason) take effect immediately.
Governor Pritzker made the following appointments:

  • LeDeidre Turner will serve as a Commissioner of the Illinois Human Rights Commission.
  • Emma Johns will serve as Student Member of the Illinois Student Assistance Commission.
  • Norma Bellcoff will serve on the Board of Trustees of the Teachers’ Retirement System.
  • Matthew Hunt will serve on the Board of Trustees of the Teachers’ Retirement System.

Members of AFSCME Council 31 have a new labor deal with the State of Illinois. Ratification votes were taken at various locations over the past week and a half. It’s the first state contract for the 40,000 state government employees since the last one expired in 2015.
101st General Assembly:
Local Republicans are meeting over the weekend to select a replacement for Rep. Michael McAuliffe who abruptly resigned last week. Rosemont Mayor Brad Stephens is expected to be selected to replace McAuliffe. If selected, Stephens has pledged to continue serving as Mayor while serving in the Legislature. He also indicated he would run in 2020.
Rep. Robert Martwick will  be appointed to replace Sen. Mulroe who resigned to take a judgeship. If selected, a replacement will be named for Martwick’s house seat.