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March 2, 1018 Update | Roger C. Marquardt & Co., Inc.

March 2, 1018 Update

The Illinois General Assembly has adjourned for the week. The House adjourned until noon, Tuesday, March 6th. The Senate is not in session next week. Illinois’ primary election is March 20th.
Both chambers approved a two-bill package (SB1573 and SB1773 ) to modernize and reform the hospital assessment program and the Medicaid Managed Care program. SB 1773 (G. Harris/Steans) reforms and modernizes the $3.5 billion hospital assessment program. Specifically, SB 1773 makes several changes including (1) transitioning to a claims-based payment program; (2) increasing rates for hospitals; (3) prioritizing money for Safety Net and Critical Care Access hospitals; (4) modernizing and updating program data; and (5) creating a hospital transportation pool. SB 1573 (G. Harris/Steans), makes several changes to the Medicaid Managed Care Program including: (1) reforming the risk-based capital, children’s hospital definitions, and claims analysis; (2) requiring future procurement of MCO contracts to go through the standard procurement process rather than the purchase of care process; (3) addressing standardized data colleting and reporting; and (4) allowing for recoupment of federal funding if Illinois exceeds the upper payment level. These bills are the results of months of negotiations between the Administration, the four legislative caucuses and stakeholders. The bills now head to the Governor for his consideration.
The Illinois General Assembly considered several pieces of gun control legislation this week. Below is a listing of the legislation considered:
  • HB1465 (Mussman) increases the age to purchase an assault weapon from 18 to 21. HB 1465 passed the House 64-51 and now heads to the Senate for consideration.
  • HB1467 (Moylan) creates a bump stock and trigger crank ban. HB 1467 passed the House 83-31 and now heads to the Senate for consideration.
  • HB1468 (Carroll) creates a 72-hour cooling period after an assault weapon purchase. HB 1468 passed the House by a vote of 79-37 and now heads to the Senate for consideration.
  • HB1469 (D. Burke) bans most sales of high-capacity magazines and body armor. This bill is being referred to as the Paul Bauer Act.  HB 1469 passed committee along partisan lines and is pending before the full House. An amendment is reportedly being crafted for this bill.
  • HB1664 (Conroy) enhances mental health screenings and creates a hotline for people to anonymously report to the Illinois State Police gun owners they believe to be dangerous. HB 1664 passed committee along partisan lines and is pending before the full House.
  • SB1657 (Harmon/Willis) creates the Gun Dealer Licensing Act. SB 1657 passed the House by a vote of 64-52. The bill previously passed the Senate and will now head to the Governor for consideration.
  • HB1273 (Harmon/Willis) is trailer legislation to the Gun Dealer Licensing Act mentioned above. This bill specifically provides for licensure for 5 years with a fee of $1,000 ($200/year), delays videotaping provisions to 2021 and finally clarifies that videotaping in bathrooms is not allowed. HB 1273 narrowly passed both chambers and now heads to the Governor for consideration.
  • HB772 (Morrison/Willis) creates the Lethal Violence Order of Protection Act that will allow judges to sign off on special orders for temporary removal of firearms if a person is believed to pose an immediate threat. HB 772 passed the Senate 40-14 and now heads back the House for concurrence.
  • HR648 (Ford) Reconstitutes the Firearm Public Awareness Task Force. HR 648 passed the House by a vote of 88-24.
A House Committee voted 8-5 to approved legislation, HB 4081/Halpin, which would require any business that moves their call center operations out of the nation or state to notify the Treasurer’s office within 120 days. Violators would face a $10,000 civil penalty. The bill is now pending before the full chamber.
Both chambers approved SB193 (Raoul/Hoffman) which creates the Worker Protection Unit within the Office of the Illinois Attorney General to intervene in, initiate, enforce, and defend all criminal or civil legal proceedings on matters and violations relating to the Prevailing Wage Act, the Employee Classification Act, the Day and Temporary Labor Services Act, and the Wage Payment and Collection Act. The bill now heads to the Governor’s desk.
The Illinois House also approved HB4163 (Moeller) which amends the Equal Pay Act to prohibit employers from asking for prior wage information during the hiring process. HB 4163 passed the House by a vote of 87-24 and now heads to the Senate for consideration.
Legislation to create the Generic Drug Pricing Act, HB4900(Guzzardi), passed a House committee by a vote of 7-5. The bill is now pending before the full House.
The Illinois Senate approved legislation, SB2275 (Cunningham) which would place an advisory referenda on the ballot on the legalization of marijuana. SB 2275 passed the Senate by a vote of 37-13 and now heads to the House for consideration.
Governor Rauner vetoed HB768 which eliminates a route for charter school applicants and operators to appeal denial or closure decisions made by their local school boards. In his veto message, Rauner writes “The Charter School Commission is more well-equipped to facilitate the appeals process than local courts, and should continue to be empowered with the charge of ensuring that all Illinois children have access to a high-quality education.” HB 768 will head back to the General Assembly for consideration.
2018 Key Session Dates:
March 20: Primary Election
April 13: Committee Deadline, both chambers
April 27: Third Reading Deadline for bills in first chamber, both chambers
May 11: Senate Committee Deadline, House Bills
May 18: House Committee Deadline, Senate Bills
May 25: Third Reading Deadline for bills in second chamber, both chambers
May 31:   Adjournment