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March 31, 2019 Update | Roger C. Marquardt & Co., Inc.

March 31, 2019 Update

Governor’s Highlights:Governor JB Pritzker appointed Marc D. Smith, the Executive Vice President of Foster Care and Intact Services at Aunt Martha’s Health & Wellness, to lead the Department of Children and Family Services. The University of Chicago’s Chapin Hall will conduct an independent and comprehensive review of how the agency’s Intact Family Services unit functions. Pritzker asked for recommendations in the next six weeks.
A poll conducted by the Paul Simon Institute shows that Illinois voters favor Governor’s Pritzker’s graduated income tax proposal by a two to one margin. Meanwhile, proponents and opponents of the Governor’s tax plan continue their advertising campaigns. There was no legislation action this week on the Governor’s plan.
OTHER NEWS:According to the Illinois Secretary of State, all Illinois residents will now be able to get new driver’s licenses and state IDs beginning Monday that comply with the federal Real ID Act. The new IDs will be available at all 138 driver services facilities statewide by Monday. Beginning October 1, 2020, Illinois residents will no longer be able to use their current state-issued cards to board domestic flights or enter federal facilities. According to White, residents who choose not to get a new ID can still fly and visit federal buildings by using their passport.
This week, the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability (CTBA) released a report on Illinois’ new school funding formula. The full report is here. According to the CTBA, even if Illinois annually increases school funding up to the full $350 million minimum established under the Evidence-Based Funding model, it would take over 30 years to fund all schools to the levels which the evidence indicates is needed, on a fully inflation-adjusted basis.
101st General Assembly:
This was a busy week at the Illinois Capital. Friday March 29th was the deadline to pass substantive legislation out of House committees. The House passed approximately 1,500 bills, including hundreds of leader shell bills, out of committee this week. Deadline extensions may be granted on a case by case basis in the House on some bills still in committee. In contrast, the Senate President issued more wide-spread deadline extensions on 298 bills still pending in Senate committees. In addition to significant committee action, both chambers spent hours daily debating bills for final passage.
HB 3624 (Williams) which creates the Clean Energy Jobs Act cleared a House committee by a vote of 18-11. Companion legislation (SB 2132/Castro) was not called for a vote in a Senate committee this week and subsequently was returned to the Assignments committee.
HB 255 (Guzzardi) failed in the House subcommittee. The bill would have lifted a 22-year state prohibition against local rent control.
SB 1226 (Holmes) which abolishes the Charter Schools Commission passed a Senate committee 15-2.
SB 1449 (Morrison) which creates a Task Force on Mental Health Parity within the Department of Insurance passed a Senate committee 16-0.
HB 2988 (Williams/Cunningham) bypassed committee and is on 3rd Reading in the Senate. The legislation addresses county regulation of wind farms.
Representative Thapedi filed capital program funding legislation, HB3823, on behalf of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce. The bill would generate approximately $2billion/year for transportation, largely by raising the state’s motor-fuel tax from 19 cents a gallon now to 44 cents. The bill phases out most of the state’s current 5 percent sales tax on sales over a five-year period.
Coming Up
The Illinois General Assembly stands adjourned for the week. The House will return to session on Tuesday, April 2nd while the Senate returns on Wednesday, April 3rd. Tuesday, April 2nd is the consolidated election (local elections) in Illinois.  April 12th is the deadline to pass substantive bills out the first chamber (House and Senate). Two months remain in the spring session.
Key Session DatesApril 2- Consolidated Election.April 12- DEADLINE for third reading of Substantive Senate Bills and Substantive House Bills.May 10- DEADLINE for Substantive Bills out of Committee in 2nd chamber.May 24- DEADLINE for third reading of Substantive Bills in 2nd chamber.May 31- ADJOURNMENT