April 29th, 2022 Update

GOVERNOR’S HIGHLIGHTS:New Laws: The Governor signed the following measures into law.·        

HB4316 which outlines the protocol for when a school district employee has been engaged in sexual misconduct with a student who is under 18 years of age.·        

HB4365 which allows a child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) team to determine if the special education program of a school district is unable to meet the needs of a child with a disability.·        

HB4433 which amends the Managed Care Reform and Patient Rights Act and clarifies sections for the purpose of aligning with federal regulation.·        

HB4604  which amends the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OSHA) to allow post-inspection notices and communications to recipients of citations to be sent via email·       

HB4605 which amends the Illinois Human Rights Act to ensure that complainants who file charges of housing discrimination under Article 3 have the right to a jury trial under State law.·        

HB4677 which amends the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Act, the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District’s Retirement Fund Act, and the Illinois Property Tax Code to allow the MWRD’s Board of Commissioners the authority to consider approving issuance of Pension Obligation Bonds.·        

HB4690 which amends the School Code with respect to the removal or dismissal of teachers and principals by removing a provision that pauses hearings during a time of disaster due to a public health emergency.·        

HB5472 which increases the allowable classroom hours a teacher can teach before their pension benefits would be suspended.Governor Pritzker also signed a package of bills designed to address the teacher shortage. 

HB4246 reduces fees for renewing a lapsed educator license to $50. 

HB4798  allows currently enrolled teaching students to obtain a substitute teaching license if they have completed 90 credit hours. 

SB3988  lowers the age requirement for paraprofessional educators from 19 to 18. 

SB3907 allows short term substitute teachers to spend up to 15 consecutive days in the same classroom in the event of a disaster declaration.

Budget: Governor Pritzker and legislative Democrats continue to celebrate the Fiscal Year 2023 spending plan. This week, they highlighted the higher education budget. Read more here.

Illinois General Assembly:
Democratic State Senator Rachelle Crowe has been nominated to serve as US Attorney for the Southern District in Illinois. Her appointment must be approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee, chaired by US Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois. If approved by the Judiciary Committee, the appointment must then be approved by the full Senate.

Energy: Commonwealth Edison filed rates with the Illinois Commerce Commission that will provide direct credits of more than $1 billion to customers as a result of the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act. Representative Ann Williams indicated she is interested in holding subject matter hearings to explore how the increase in energy prices caused by the invasion of Ukraine may affect Illinois consumers. Williams specifically is interested in short-term and long-term solutions to keep costs down and ensure reliability, particularly downstate in Ameren territory.   Read more here.The House Public Utilities Committee will hold a hearing on May 4 at 10:00 am in Room 114 of the Capitol Building to discuss House Amendment 8 to SB3866 (Hastings/Walsh). 
The House Transportation: Regulation, Roads & Bridges Committee will hold a hearing on May 18 at 11:00 am in the Bilandic Building in Chicago to discuss IDOT implement and infrastructure and HB4389 (Moylan).

Below is an updated list of the status of candidates in various races.
2nd Supreme Court District: Republicans Mark Curran and Susan Hutchinson along with Democrat Nancy Rotering were removed from the ballot by the State Board of Elections. The candidates have filed a judicial appeal of the decision.   
2nd Senate District: One of the candidates in the four-way race to challenge Democrat Senator Omar Aquino withdrew from the race. The remining two challengers are still facing petition challenges.
10th Senate District: Chicago Police Detective Erin Jones survived her petition challenge and will face Democrat State Senator Robert Martwick in the June primary. 
48th Senate District: Republican State Representative Sandy Hamilton is running unopposed in the primary after her opponent was removed from the ballot. Hamilton will face Democrat Senator Doris Turner in November.
57th Senate District: Democrat Senator Chris Belt’s primary opponent was kicked off the ballot. 
 6th House District: Democrat Representative Sonya Harper survived a petition challenge. She will face Carolyn Crump in the June primary. The third candidate in the race was removed from the ballot. 
12th House District: Democrat Representative Margaret Croke no longer has a primary race after her opponent was kicked off the ballot.
13th House District: Becky Levin dropped out of this crowded Democratic primary race to replace Leader Greg Harris.  Five other candidates are vying for the Democratic nomination.
16th House District: State Representative Denise Wang Sotoneback will face Kevin Olickal in the June primary. A third candidate was removed from the ballot.
19th House District: Appointed representative Lindsey LaPointe faces local realtor Tina Wallace in the Democratic primary. The third candidate dropped out of the races and endorsed Wallace.
32nd House District: Democrat Representative Cyril Nicols faces Safaa Zarzour in the June primary. A third candidate withdrew. 
37th House District: Republican Representative Tim Ozinga is running unopposed in the primary after his opponent was removed from the ballot.
39th House District: Democrat State Representative Will Guzzardi’s primary opponent was kicked off the ballot.
87th House District: Mary Burress and William Hauter will square off in the Republican primary for this open seat. A third candidate was removed from the ballot. The candidates are vying to replace Republican Representative Keith Sommer who is not seeking reelection.
116th House District: Republican Representative Dave Severin will not have a primary race after his opponent was removed from the ballot.