February 10, 2023 Update


The Illinois General Assembly convened in session on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week; Thursday’s session was cancelled. Both chambers reconvene on Tuesday, February 14. 

Today is the Senate deadline to file substantive Senate Bills. Friday, February 17 is the House deadline to file substantive House Bills. Monday, February 13 is an official state holiday; no state business will be conducted.

Two new members were sworn into the House of Representatives. Livingston County Board member Jason Bunting was selected to replace Representative Tom Bennett in the 106th House District. Bennett was appointed to fill the vacancy of Senator Jason Barickman who resigned. Lemont Mayor John Egofske was appointed as the new state representative for the 82nd District to replace former Republican Minority Leader Jim Durkin who resigned.

Senator Gillespie filed SB 1350 which could help the Chicago Bears finance their new stadium in Arlington Heights. As drafted, the legislation could also benefit other large-scale developments elsewhere. Senator Gillespie noted she is sponsoring the bill in part to open the larger conversation about reforming TIFs in Illinois. The Chicago Tribune covers the legislation here.

Budget: The Governor will present his fifth budget (and State of the State Address) to a joint session of the General Assembly on Wednesday, February 15. In his inaugural address, the Governor championed expanding access to childcare, preschool for all, and free college tuition for working class students. Other spending priorities will be laid out on Wednesday. Capitol News offers more on the budget here. 

The Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability released its January revenue report. Revenue in the State’s General Funds grew $248 million in January which was fueled primarily by transfers in.

Transfers in grew by $940 million, driven largely by a substantial transfer from the income Tax Refund Fund. This increase offset declines in transfers from other areas: other transfers (-$38 million); lottery transfers (-$7 million); casino gaming transfers (-$1 million) and cannabis transfers (-$1 million). 

January saw a significant drop in Income Tax Receipts. Personal Income Tax revenues fell $566 million gross ($485 million net). Note, the drop was expected and does not change COGFA’s current revenue outlook. Corporate income tax receipts fell $15 million ($11 million net). Also down this month were liquor tax receipts ($1 million) and federal sources ($292 million).

Sales taxes increased $42 million ($4 million net). Interest income gained $35 million; inheritance tax receipts grew $16 million; and Public Utility Taxes and Miscellaneous Sources each grew $14 million. Corporate Franchise Taxes were up $8 million; Insurance Taxes were up $5 million and Cigarette Taxes were up $ 1 million.

Read the full report here.

2023 Key Dates: 

February 10:      Deadline – Introduction of Substantive Senate Bills in the Senate 

February 17:      Deadline – Introduction of Substantive House Bills in the House 

February 15:      Governor’s State of the State/Budget Address 

February 28:      Consolidated Primary Election 

March 10:          Deadline – Substantive Bills Out of Committee in both chambers 

March 24:          Deadline – Third Reading Deadline – Substantive House Bills in the House 

March 31:          Deadline – Third Reading Deadline – Substantive Senate Bills in the Senate 

April 4:               Consolidated Election 

April 28:             Deadline – Substantive Bills out of Committee in both chambers 

May 11:              Deadline – Third Reading Substantive House Bills in Senate 

May 12:              Deadline – Third Reading Substantive Senate Bills in House 

May 19:              Adjournment 


New Laws: Governor Pritzker signed the following into law:

·        SB 1836 which amends the Nurse Practice Act by making changes to contracts between foreign nurse staffing agencies, nurses, and healthcare facilities.

·        SB 2951 which is an omnibus revenue package passed during the lame duck session.

Executive Order: Executive Order 2023-02 reissues previous Executive Orders related to the COVID-19 pandemic through March 4, 2023.

Megasites Investment Program Funding: The Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity will offer $40 million through the Megasites Investment Program.  The funding is designed to supercharge the development of megasites – large, developed sites ready for occupancy for manufacturers, distribution centers, industrial centers, and more.

The competitive grant is open to governments, private businesses, or non-profits to support site development in order to attract large-scale industrial investments in underutilized areas and former industrial sites. Grants will range from $250,000 to $5 million, with the grant award amount determined by acreage (up to $5,000 per acre). Eligible sites must contain at least 200 contiguous acres and applicants must own or have an agreement in place to acquire the property at the time of the application. The NOFO opportunity also requires a 1:1 capital investment match.

One of the goals of the Megasites Program is to attract jobs creators as well as revitalize areas that are underutilized, such as former industrial sites, brownfields, and agricultural sites. Capitol News offers more here.

Gubernatorial Appointments: The Governor appointed Marlon McClinton as a member on the Illinois Community College Board.

Cannabis Disparity and Availability Study: The Cannabis Regulation Oversite Office announced the beginning of a 12-month Disparity and Availability Study as required under the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act. The Nerevu Group will lead the study which will collect and analyze data and report on the extent of discrimination in the cannabis industry. If discrimination is found, the study will evaluate the impact of the discrimination on the State and its residents with respect to entering and participating in the State’s cannabis industry. The Study will include recommendations for reducing or eliminating any identified barriers to entry.  More information is available on the CROO’s website.