July 7, 2023


New Laws: Governor Pritzker signed several measures into law this past week.  Read the full list here. Highlights include:

·        SB 1709 requires ISBE and DHS to partner to increase availability and accessibility of mental health resources for students.

·        SB 1817 adds protections in the Illinois Human Rights Act for housing regarding immigration status protection and discriminatory advertising.

·        SB 1913 requires Medicaid coverage, whether through fee-for-serve or managed care, of mental health and substance use disorder treatment or services delivered as behavioral telehealth services. Services must be reimbursed on the same basis as in-person encounters.

·        SB 1924 updates compensation for employees at Regional Offices of Education and regional superintendents of schools.

·        SB 2325 allows a resident in a healthcare facility to designate an individual to serve as an “Essential Support Person” who will have access to that resident despite other visitation restriction imposed on the public.

·        SB 2390 makes various changes to existing law to combat the teacher shortage in Illinois.

·        HB 47 makes changes to the Illinois Insurance Code to clarify the Illinois Insurance Guaranty Fund can cover cyber security insurance claims when a company goes insolvent.

·        HB 1117 amends the Hospice Program Licensing Act to increase the number of persons who can be served in a hospice setting.

·        HB 1121 allows trained overdose responders within an organization enrolled in the Drug Overdose Prevention Program administer by DHS to dispense drug adulterant testing supplies and provides requirements for storage of the supplies.

·        HB 1384 requires insurance plans regulated by the State of Illinois to provide coverage for medically necessary reconstructive services intended to restore physical appearance.

·        HB 1561 allows school districts to maintain an on-site trauma kit and requires trauma response training for school employees.

·        HB 1628 Prohibits landlords from requiring a tenant or prospective tenant to remit any amount due to the landlord under a residential lease, renewal or extension agreement by means of an electronic funds transfer, including an electronic funds transfer system that automatically transfers funds on a regular, periodic , and recurring basis.

·        HB 1740 allows emergency service districts to charge fees for services outside of the district and employ or contract with rescue squad and/or ambulance personnel.

·        HB 2091 allows the Secretary of State to raise the minimum age an individual must be to be eligible for a driving test.

·        HB 2503 extends resident tuition and fees to community college students taking programs offered at any other Illinois community college if the program is not available in their home district.

·        HB 3442 allows a school district to file an extension waiver with their regional office of education to continue to employe a substitute teacher in a vacant licensed teacher position for up to 90 days.

·        HB 3559 requires schools to establish a plan for local law enforcement to rapidly enter the school building in an emergency.

·        HB 3882 grants undocumented immigrants the opportunity to obtain a standardized Illinois Driver’s License.

·        HB 3890 requires nursing care committees to annually notify hospital nursing staff of their rights concerning nurse staffing.

·        HB 3955 prohibits a hospital from delaying medical care and screening in order to inquire about an individuals’ method of payment or insurance status.

Union Contract: Governor Pritzker and AFSMCE, the largest state employee union, have reached a tentative contract. The previous contract expired July 1. Details of the contract will be made public following ratification by the union’s membership, which is expected to take up to a couple of weeks.

Gubernatorial Appointments: Governor Pritzker appointed the following:

·        Atiera Coleman, Ph.D. joins the Pritzker administration as Chief Diversity Officer.

·        Nina Grondin will continue to serve as a Member of the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority.

·        Precious Brady-Davis will serve on the board of commissioners for the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD) of Greater Chicago.


The House Appropriations-Higher Education Committee held a virtual subject matter hearing on July 7 at 9 am to discuss the recent US Supreme Court ruling and affirmative action in Illinois colleges and universities.


Chicago Mayor’s Transition Report: Mayor Brandon Johnson’s Transition Team released its Transition Report titled “A Blueprint for Creating a More Just and Vibrant City for All.” The report is the work of nearly 400 members who served on 11 subcommittees which were tasked with recommending policy proposals for the new administration. Read the full report here.

2024 Election Update: Representative Jonathan Carroll announced he will not seek reelection in 2024. Carroll was facing a tough primary challenge from Tracy Katz Muhl. 

Former State Senator Darren Bailey announced he will challenge Congressman Mike Bost in the 2024 Republican Primary. Bailey lost his Gubernatorial bid to Governor JB Pritzker in 2022. Bost has represented the 12th Congressional District since 2015.

Congressman Bill Foster will face a primary challenge from Attorney Qasim Rashid. Foster launched his reelection bid this week.