October 7, 2022 Update


Cannabis: Star Buds IL is now the first licensed predominantly Black-owned cannabis business and the first craft grower to open in Illinois. Star Buds, located in Rockford, is 66% Black owned. Read more here.

Gubernatorial Appointments: The Governor made the following appointments:

·        Ralph Renno III will serve as a Member on the Concealed Carry Licensing Review Board.

·        Romayne Brown will serve as a Member on the Blue-Ribbon Commission on Transportation Infrastructure Funding and Policy.

·        Thomas Kotarac will serve as a Member on the Blue-Ribbon Commission on Transportation Infrastructure Funding and Policy.

·        Omer Osman will serve as a Member on the Blue-Ribbon Commission on Transportation Infrastructure Funding and Policy.

·        Mohammed Jameel will serve as a Member on the Illinois State Medical Board.

·        Ratna Kanumury will serve as a Member on the Illinois State Medical Board.

·        Douglas Matzner will serve as a Member on the Illinois State Medical Board.


Early voting is now underway in Illinois. Voters can vote early at local election authorities or cast their vote by mail.

Illinois voters are being asked to amend the Illinois Constitution to guarantee that employees have the fundamental right to organize and to bargain collectively through representatives of their own choosing for the purpose of negotiating wages, hours, and working conditions, and to protect their economic welfare and safety at work. The amendment would provide that no law shall be passed that interferes with, negates, or diminishes the right of employees to organize and bargain collectively over their wages, hours, and other terms and conditions of employment and work place safety, including any law or ordinance that prohibits the execution or application of agreements between employers and labor organizations that represent employees requiring membership in an organization as a condition of employment. These provisions are controlling over home rule powers. 

Capitol News offers more coverage on the support and opposition to the amendment here.


Planned Parenthood Announces Plans for Mobile Clinic: Planned Parenthood announced plans to operate a mobile abortion clinic out of an RV along the southern Illinois boarder. The clinic is expected to be operational by the end of the year and will initially offer medication abortions only. The mobile unit will house standard lab, small waiting room, and two exam rooms which can be converted to procedure rooms for surgical abortions in the future. 

Chicago Mayor Presents FY 23 Budget: This week Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot presented her plans for Chicago’s FY 2023 budget. The $16.4 billion proposal includes allocating $242 million towards prepaying down the City’s pension debt which she says will save the city $2 billion in the long run. Lightfoot also is proposing canceling the scheduled property tax increase. She also wants to add $3 million to address reproduction services, $200 million to prevent homelessness and $100 million for public safety. The City Council will now begin its review of the proposal.


The House Revenue and Finance Committee will hold a subject matter hearing on October 18 at 1:00 pm in the Bilandic Building to discuss HB5747 (Zalewski), HB5757 (Lewis) and SB2430 (Cunningham/Carroll).   

COGFA September Revenue Report:   For the month of September, general fund revenues grew $194 million which, according to the Commissions analysis, can be attributed to strengths in the state’s primary revenue sources and state transfers. 

For the month of September, personal income taxes rose another $208 million ($175 net); corporate income tax receipts were up $153 million ($127 net); and sales tax revenues grew $51 million ($25 million net). Other growth included interest income (up $11 million); insurance taxes (up $4 million); and liquor taxes (up $1 million). 

Several state taxes declined for the month including inheritance taxes (down $62 million); corporate franchise taxes (down $9 million) and cigarette taxes (down $6 million).

Transfers in combined to grow $40 million in September. Much of this growth is due to a $54

million increase in the amount received from the Income Tax Refund Fund Transfer. 

Also, miscellaneous transfers were up $13 million. Lottery transfers were $30 million lower than last year which reduced the overall gains for transfers. The combined growth in transfers and state sources more than offset the $112 million reduction in federal sources.

COGFA First Quarter Revenue Report: 

The Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability also reported on the first quarter of FY 23. Below is their analysis:

“Through the first quarter of the year, base receipts are up a respectable $260 million, despite the fact that base federal sources are $515 million behind last year’s pace. However, once the combined $764 million in one-time ARPA Reimbursement for Essential Government Services funds received in July and August are applied to these totals, the overall gain in State general funds revenues thru September rises from $260 million to $1.024 billion. As will be repeated throughout the fiscal year, these ARPA reimbursements were originally anticipated to be receipted in FY 2022 and were not assumed in the adopted FY 2023 budget. Therefore, the inclusion of the $764 million in ARPA revenues in this fiscal year significantly enhances the FY 2023 revenue outlook.

Also greatly contributing to the impressive overall totals through the 1st quarter of FY 2023 is the State’s economically driven revenue sources. Through September, personal income tax receipts, on the

strength of steady employment levels and higher wages, are up $347 million on a net basis. Corporate income tax revenues have yet to tail off from the torrid pace of FY 2022 and are up $201 million net. Net sales tax receipts, despite the fact that more of its revenues are earmarked for the Road Fund in FY 2023, are still $133 million above last year’s pace. The remaining State sources have combined to add

an additional $74 million to the 1st quarter gains. While the performance of “transfers in” have been

mixed, this category of revenues has combined to provide $20 million towards this overall growth.

It is believed that the current high rates of inflation, unstable market conditions, geopolitical

uncertainties, and the assumed absence of additional federal stimulus dollars will create an environment where a slowdown in Illinois’ revenues is inevitable. However, it has not happened yet to FY 2023’s benefit. The revenue gains from the 1st quarter have no doubt provided significant upward pressure on the FY 2023 revenue outlook. With that being said, three-fourths of the fiscal year still remain with plenty of time for things to turn around. This is something that the Commission will continue to monitor as the State enters into the 2nd quarter of the

fiscal year.”

The entire report is here.